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About Me


I remember as a young girl writing in my journal about my deepest desires, waiting on God to respond to my young heart’s dreams.  I believed that He cared, and so I shared with Him all of my thoughts and desires.  To this day, I am convinced that He cares, and that He is interested in everything that I have to say! He’s unlike anyone else in that way.  He doesn’t politely listen until a convenient lull in conversation when He can slip away.

This intimate friendship with my Creator has shaped me from my childhood.  It led me into ministry at a young age, because I have always wanted others to be able to experience the true joy of His presence.  My life passion is drawing others into the beauty of His embrace.

It’s the reason that I created this blog.

In fifth grade, I wrote a report on the country of Bolivia, and quickly became enamored by the culture and people.  The poverty saddened me.  I determined in my heart to travel there one day and help them.  To show them Jesus.  It was an innocent, naive desire, but it grew into much, much more.  Because of this dream, I studied Spanish for 8 years and became a medical interpreter in order to be more useful in overseas work.

I have traveled to Bolivia twice- once for 2 weeks, and once for three months.  It is a beautiful country, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  I volunteered three times a week at Rosa de Saron, one of the many orphanages in the city of Cochabamba.   I also shadowed the caring doctors and surgeons at a mission hospital in Vinto, a small community on the outskirts of Cochambamba.  It was an incredible experience.  I left Bolivia hoping that I had made a small impact, but knowing that there was so much more work to be done- so many lives to touch, and so much more to learn.

Over the years, my burden for Bolivia began to grow into something much bigger…so much bigger that I am still developing ideas in my mind and praying for God’s hand to lead me.  I would love to go back to Bolivia- I’m sure I will!  But my mission field, I’ve discovered, is not much farther away than my front door.

In 2008, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors degree in Spanish Linguistics.  During college, I had become the music director and interpreter for Voces Unidas, the Spanish-speaking daughter church of  my home church, Calvary Gospel.  This church became my family, and introduced me to the varied cultures of Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, and Argentina.
What a beautiful experience!  After 10 years of working alongside the congregation of Voces Unidas, I met my future husband, Nathan Thompson.  Eleven months later, we were married, and I moved to Albert Lea, Minnesota to begin a new adventure- being a pastor’s wife! I am having a wonderful time working with the talented, sincere ladies of the church and the Albert Lea community.   I am also a medical interpreter at Mayo Clinic Health System-Albert Lea.

So here I am, enjoying this new season, and ready for God to launch me into new, uncharted waters.  It’s so thrilling to live on the edge with Him, clinging to His strong hand!

Come and join me in this adventure!  There is so much to learn and experience…I do hope that you come along for the ride.  My desire is that this blog will play a small part in birthing a new dream in your heart!


Many blessings,